Liverpool FC and their bad luck

As we know in the last season 2018-19 after beating FC Barcelona 4-0 Liverpool is considered one of the best football clubs in Europe. They win their first Champions League trophy after 2004-05 beating Tottenham FC by 2-0. But unfortunately cannot win the Premier League.

Champions League 2018-19 winner Liverpool FC


 In the current year when everyone is expecting them to win the domestic treble as they are unbeatable the whole 2019-20 season until Watford gives them their first loss of the season.

check highlight-Watford vs Liverpool

But still, they are the leader of Premier League table having 82 points,25 points ahead of Manchester City and they can have beaten the record of Manchester United of earliest Premier League title win back in 2001. But because of COVID_19, all of Liverpool's hope goes in vain. As all matches and ceremonies are suspended because of that. And if they win also they cannot celebrate like other teams with their fans.

man city fans celebrating after premier league win


The type of performance Liverpool shows this season in PL, as well as Champions League, had made them one of the favorites to win the title this year. But this came to an end when Atletico Madrid beat them with 3-2 that too in their own stadium Anfield in a nail-biting match.

In the 1st leg, Atletico Madrid beat them by 1-0 in an away match. Every Liverpool's players were confident about a comeback in the 2nd leg in their home game like the previous year with Fc Barcelona. But the 2nd leg was played in the closed-door due to COVID-19 so there were no fans to support in their home come. Also, their main goalkeeper Allison was injured and the Atletico team was better that day.  They lost the 2nd leg and also their hope to win the Champions League in the season 2019-20.